Honours Blog #6 – Change of Direction?

I’ve been thinking a lot about what idea I want to deliver to this project and honestly i’m not sure.

A lot of people seem to like the Story Tiles idea. As for the Spymaster Game I think its a good idea but it requires too much art alongside the usual programming hurdle. The character-driven text-adventure is a write-off for now, if all else fails i’ll look into that as it seems to be the easiest of the bunch.

I’ve talked with Dayna on the Monday about changing the direction of the project the reviving my EU4 mod idea and have sent him a one-pager about it.

Honestly it might be more difficult but I feel like I have more passion and dedication to it, it prioritizes worldbuilding first rather than storytelling which the other ideas work better with so honestly it might be the better choice for me on the long run.

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