Honours Blog #14 – Fleshing the game out + Lencenor Overview

I’ve been working for the past few days on fleshing out what I had shown in the Progress Presentation, namely adding custom provinces and some more custom countries in the Lencenor region (aka that section I have in the map thats filled in right now)

Map shown in the Progress Presentation
Map with modified provinces and new countries

Western Cannor/Lencenor Region

For this post I’ll talk about this region of the world: Lencenor (or as its known in modern-times, Western Cannor – Cannor being the continent equivalent to Europe). The region encompasses the land to the west of the Dameshead (which is that little inland sea with the island to the right of Wesdam, it looks like a woman’s head)

This region is dominated by the Kingdom of Lorent and before that was a region ruled by the Damerian Republic (essentially the Roman Empire proxy in this world) whom the Lorentish peoples were subjugated under. The region is pretty homogeneous with the vast majority of the humans being of Lorentish (aka Lencori) descent, and the northern part of the region populated by halfling peoples. Religiously the land follows the Cannorian Pantheon wholeheartedly.

Geographically the land is filled with farmlands and various temperate woodlands distributed across, with the most notable being the Redglades Forest in the center of the region. To the southwest lies the Lorentish Flats, a vast region of flatlands and farmlands in which the Lorentish love for horsemanship was born. There aren’t many mountains in this region besides the Ruby Mountains (occupied by the dwarves of Rubyhold), other than that most of the land’s rivers flows from further up via the Dragonheights (located above Nimscodd on the map). The Bloodwine River flows through the southern portion of Lorent, originating from the Ruby Mountains, and ends at the Bay of Wines – where Lorent’s main economic export flourishes.

In the northern half of Lencenor lies the Small Country, the land of halflings that has since been divided between Lorent and its rival Gawed (barely seen in this map). The Widderoy river forms a natural boundary between Lorent and Gawed and flows out into the Dameshead near Beepeck. The Widderoy’s sister, the Portroy flows westwards instead, forming Lorent’s other northern boundary, which flows to the Western Seas as the Gnomish city of Portnamm (the light green on the map)


Recent History

In recent history the region was a battleground between the Grand Duchy of Dameria (from the Empire of Anbennar that surrounds the Dameshead) and the Kingdom of Lorent during the Lilac Wars, a set of dynastic wars of succession on over who should be the new Lorentish King. Lorent eventually emerged victorious and Dameria was destroyed by its Lorentish enemies and its Imperial rivals, with its lands partitioned between them.

However the recent end of the war in 1443, a year behind the game starts, has vastly weakened Lorent and has shown the world that this once formidable kingdom is a shadow of its former self. The House of the Seaflower, the Dukes of Deranne, stand rebellious and more powerful than ever and have refused to swear alliegance to the Lorentish King. The Wine Lords of Rubenaire, Eilísin and Sorncóst along the Bloodwine River grow fat and powerful and too refuse the King’s calls; and the Imperial Duchy of Wesdam, the surviving fragment of Dameria (and a former ally of the Lorentish against their own Damerian brethren!) has recently acquired the Wine Duchy of Madaléin, taking former Lorentish lands into Imperial hands once more.

Lencenor at the 1444 start is a Kingdom Divided and the nations within will have to fight it out and unify Lorent once more, though the northern powerhouse of Gawed and its Lorent’s Imperial neighbours to the east might have something to say about that…





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