Honours Blog #11 – Progress Presentation Plans

So this is Week 7 which is usually Feedback Week, but for us its our Progress Presentation so that the class and our lecturers can see how we’re getting on with our projects and give feedback.

  • -My proposed idea and dissertation (I didn’t pitch as I missed the first month of uni due to my internship so this’ll be the first time most people will hear about my idea)
  • -Explain what worldbuilding is and my personal context
  • -The existence of this blog
  • -The one-pagers from the blog
  • -EU4 Fantasy Mod idea and context
  • -Fantasy Mod Vertical Slice


I know making a EU4 Mod is hard, let alone one that turns it into a fantasy world, so to show off that it IS possible, I plan on making a small vertical slice of a region in my game which I’ll cover in the post right after!





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