Honours Blog #21 – Rivers Clarity/Design on the Map

Just a quick one here, I was looking at the Halfling Small Country that makes the border region between Lorent and Gawed and realized that you can barely see the rivers that determine the borders! This is bad in terms of design as you can’t really tell “why” the borders are there at a glance when you should be able to tell that they’re there because of a natural river boundary.

This was because I drew the provinces map perfectly in line with the rivers which meant due to the way country-to-country borders are drawn on the map you could barely see the river itself!

(Top) Old Map, (Bottom) New Map with clearer rivers

The core of the technique was to look at how Paradox handled their rivers-province interaction.

For them they don’t adhere to a pixel-perfect province boundary, essentially some of the province would overlap to the other side of the river just so you can see the river below the border much better. As you can see the bottom one has that and hopefully its much easier to tell that the borders here are dictated by the two rivers (the left one flowing west from Royvibbob to Southroy and the right one flowing from the top right down to the Saltmarsh provinces)

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