Unreal Engine | Rare Ltd. | June 2018 – Present

Unique and unforgettable experiences await in a natural and magical world.



Production Intern

June 2018 – June 2019

-part of the early production team, working closely with the Executive Producer and Senior Producer

-producer for the prototyping team for the duration of the internship (1 year), also presenting our progress to Xbox Leadership (which was absolutely bonkers have the opportunity to present to those big cheeses!)

-was a Confluence administrator and maintained the wiki, as well as handling onboarding and best practices

subject matter “expert” on Azure DevOps (Azure Boards, our equivalent of JIRA) within the Production team. Also led the migration and setup of the entire project from a shared one to an Everwild-specific one


Was the Production Intern for Rare’s 2018 cohort. It was great to join a project early on and be able to influence what kind of production and Agile practices the team would use!



Game Designer

July 2019 – Present

-systems design to foster emergent and systemic gameplay

-rapid prototyping of new mechanics and experiences

-data-driven content authoring for the above


Naturally I can’t say much about what I did here!