Blackpowder: Soulmarch

Quest | University | 2014

A short text-adventure focusing about a girl who wakes up in the Fugue Plane, waiting to be judged.

For Anbennar fans, this is actually the origin of Corin as a character, and as such this covers her origins as an avatar of the disgraced god of war, Agrados.



Feature List

-intuitive highlighted click-and-look gameplay

-“Ask about X” conversation system

-converse with a character that speaks in rhyme

-different outputs when you interact with the same object (eg follow the path twice)


This was created for my Narrative Theory in Interactive Game Design module. Had a lot of fun writing this, especially the “Ask about X” section with Nerat (which you’ll see in the later pictures), as Nerat speaks in rhymes which was quite an interesting challenge.

Playable Link: [here]