12 – Mobile Integration & Playtesting

What I needed to do

To convert the game to the mobile format I needed to revamp the control scheme:

  • Tap to Jump
  • Tap and Hold to Parachute
  • Tap to shoot Rope
  • Accelerometer to move left/right
Integrating mobile controls was way simpler than I expected, I had never done any mobile stuff in Unity or at all ever before so it was a completely new experience.

Apparently (for now) I don’t need to work with Input.touch as the Input.GetMouseButton(0) works for your usual mouseclick as well as a single tap.


To make everything else work with taps I had to convert all code with the Input.GetButtonDown(“Jump”) with a Input.GetMouseButtonDown(0), essentially replacing all Spacebar related movement with Mouseclicks.

To work with the new mouseclick system I had to modify the Rope Swinging system too: now the player has to be mid-air to shoot their Rope.

Integrating the phone’s Accelerometer required me to use Platform Dependent Compilation (the #ifs) as while all other controls could be converted to mouseclicks (eg jumps and parachute deployment) the movement would have to remain A/D for PC.

Playtesting Feedback

Myself and my girlfriend playtested the new android build and discovered a few things:


  • Respawning doesn’t respawn the powerups due to its nature and prevent progress, may need to stick to reloading scenes (no multiple respawn points)
  • Background needs some differences (tiling?) as its sometimes difficult to tell if you’re moving due to the minimalist nature
  • Obvious graphical hitches related to 2DDL Lighting system
  • Sometimes respawning via killbox makes two players appear


  • Wall Jumping is too hard (requiring major tilts where you can’t even see the screen)
  • ropeHook deployment is awkward as it requires aiming whilst others require taps anywhere
  • Landing on platforms is hard, a simple element made much more interesting due to the accelerometer
  • Frustrating enough to make you want to try again but not so much to make you quit (main KPI for casual games!)

For the video below I fixed the Wall Jumping is too hard by multiplying the accelerometer input by 2 to make it more sensitive to tilting.



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