Hey there!

My name is Jayhant Saulog (though most people just call me Jay) and I graduated in 2018 from Abertay University‘s Game Design & Production Management course.

Professionally I am a Game Designer at Rare, with previous experience in production as an intern at NaturalMotion and Rare.

My first experience of game development was modding Warcraft 3 and that kind of proactive get-it-done and “embrace the constraints” mentality has been with me ever since, gaining a true passion in finding unique and creative solutions and systems whilst working within a pre-defined box.

I’m also a big fan of not only writing but worldbuilding. For my honours project I combined my long-term hobby with my passion for game development which resulted in the creation of Anbennar: a total conversion mod which turned the strategy game Europa Universalis IV from a historical setting to a fantasy one of my own making. In parallel to that, I worked also on the dissertation portion of my degree, which explored the relationship between worldbuilding, non-linear narratives and sandbox, simulation-driven games.

Since then Anbennar has become one of the most popular total-conversion mods for Europa Universalis IV and has since built-up a small yet loyal following for both the mod and the world I’m making.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy the rest of the site!